Relay Panels


We strategically partnered with true innovators of manufacturing technology which will allow us to expand and gain collective experience in project implementation, developing code for relay configuration, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) based on either pre-defined control strategies or development of a mutually agreed upon functional specification, and configuring Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) or touch screen Operator Interface Terminals (OITs).

We have the unique ability to design custom buildings, PLC/HMI control systems for multiple industries, including utility power distribution, water/ wastewater, and manufacturing. This includes converting an idea of testing and equipment control into:

•Schematics and BOM
•Control Narrative
•Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)
•Site Acceptance Test (SAT)
•Field commissioning & support
•Photo-Voltaic system installation
•Methane gas conversion to engines to produce electricity.
•Distributive Control Systems (DCS)
•Remote Telemetry Units (RTU)
•Operator Interface Terminal (OIT)
•Arc-Flash/Coordination Studies
•WinIGSlightning analysis
•Ground grid system substation testing

Empower Industrial specializes in the design of electrical power distribution systems, inspector services and turn-key solutions of design, testing and building of relay panels to standards complying to NFPA 79, NEC and UL508A.

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